Sante Fe Shootout with Thomas Nguyen

Photos taken and used by permission of Thomas Nguyen

Photos taken and used by permission of Thomas Nguyen


It all started when two bff’s wanted to give their clients an experience they would never forget and they knew they needed to learn a little something from one of today’s hottest photogs.


When my BFF and I decided to combine forces great things started happening. First, we started talking about how to make our client experience - the ultimate experience - we knew we needed to start changing things up. We started shooting together a couple times a year and it wasn’t long before we were coming up with new ways to give our clients the best.

It was a cloudy fall day and we were scouting locations in Telluride, Colorado, when Gary dropped his name, Thomas Nguyen. It was a moment of brilliance, he knew it and I knew it the moment he said it. It was obvious that the best thing to do was to host a shootout and share this opportunity with other photographers (we are all about community over competition) that way they can take advantage of this awesome idea too!

That is where you come in - we want you to be able to have the incredible experience to shoot with Thomas and get a little bit of networking and specialized knowledge to take back to your senior business as well. So now we are extending this invitation to you! Join us as we all take it up a thousand notches and learn from one of today’s hottest photographers!

Photos taken and used by permission of Thomas Nguyen

Photos taken and used by permission of Thomas Nguyen

The Details

June 6th - arrive in Santa Fe, NM
  • Optional Cocktail Icebreaker

June 7th - Shoot day 1
  • Morning Training Session with Gary SM targeting

  • Break for Lunch

  • SW Urban Shoot  in DT Santa Fe until sundown

June 8th - Shoot day 2
  • Morning Q & A recap - Editing with Thomas

  • Break for lunch

  • Afternoon Shoot at Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch until Sundown.

  • Wrap dinner and models choice awards

June 9th - Depart with knowledge, new friends, and amazing photos!

The Cost

1 payment early bird pricing available until March 10th $550.00

we get it - we are all on a budget - so we do what we can to keep your costs low! We even have friendly payment options for you!

1 payment of $650
2 payments of $330.00
3 payments of $240.00

to join us email: