This week the Girls of Summer (a summer program for empowering teens in the portland area) and I took a walk through Rood Bridge Park. This is a popular park for photo shoots as it is filled with a variety of natural areas. There is a small stream, a woodland area, and plenty of fields to shoot in. Since we were hiding from the blistering heat we decided to stay mostly under the cool canopy of the forest and it was delightful. The shade gave us some incredible light to work with and kept the heat to a minimum. The results were awesome

We had planned to shoot with Boho inspiration. I told the girls to be creative and to use what was in their closets instead of going out and buying clothes. The girls felt like they didn't have much to wear that fit the description, but it is important to me that show them that they are not required to go spend tons of money to get a specific look, I want them to realize that it is OK to improvise, and that is exactly what we did. So this was their interpretation of Boho Style. 


What I love most about each of these photo shoots is that I can see how their confidence grows every time we have another session .  I can see their personality shine through and I can see the bonds of friendships building strongly between all of them. That connection is one of the many reasons I love being a photographer, and why I will continue to nurture the empowerment and sisterhood of young women everywhere.