High school is tough, but to do it without your BFF, well that would be awful, and that is just what these two Eugene girls are going through.  H. and E. have been BFF's for years, but a few months back they learned that they would not be attending the same high school. Talk about devastating. As you can imagine they wanted to do something special before this school year began to immortalize their friendship. 

Teen photography Eugene Oregon


It is always a good idea to make sure that the outfits don't clash so when we got together we made sure that the outfits they had picked out were going to look good together. These two are so stylish, that it didn't take long to do.

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Haley's dad suggested that we use the Owen Rose Garden as a location for their shoot and it was perfect. The flowers were still in bloom and they provided a wonderful backdrop for the girls.  

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BFF's you need to remember one special thing. No matter where you go in life you can always look back and think of the time you spent together as something precious. I just know that is what these two incredible young ladies will do wherever the road leads them. 

wherever the road leads you.