I set out this summer wanting to change the way young ladies view themselves and others. I wanted to show them women don't need to be in competition with one another that they need to support and uplift one another. That being said I had 5 girls register, less than I hoped for, but it was a start. 

Our first photo session was an Americana theme. We met at Noble Woods Park and started with an ice-breaking game of Heads Up (you can find this on both Andriod and iPhone platforms). The girls had a great time playing and the fun spilled over to our shoot. We strolled through Nobel Woods Park and laughed and got creative with shots. When we were done, we moved to our second location, downtown Hillsboro. We walked through the alleys and found little corners that were perfect for getting the shots that we wanted. When we were almost done, we pulled out the sparklers and grabbed a couple of shots with the girls celebrating the holiday weekend. 

I am really enjoying spending time with these incredible young women. I look forward to our next shoot, that is all about glitter and glam.