Curious about Copyright?

Most of the time, people want to post, print, and share their images, and guess what, you CAN!

But the answer is actually a bit more complicated than that, so let me explain. 

Here at Rebel Soul Photos, we offer licenses to any image that you purchase because the only person that owns the actual copyright is Tinajayne Bosland. We, as an individual or a business,  can and likely will use the images to promote our work either in print, on our website, our Social Media Outlets, promotional materials, and possibly public trade shows or published works. 

You, as a person, may use your purchased photos any way that you would like. In fact, we encourage it.  However, our contract states that if images we created for you are ever to be published (i.e., Magazine, Newspaper article, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, personal/ business website, etc.), Rebel Soul Photos or Tinajayne Bosland must be credited.

 We will never share any personal information about you – without your consent, nor will we ever use your photos inappropriately.

However, you may use them for your personal needs however you would like. I hope this very detailed description helps.