This summer I implemented a program called Girls of Summer, you can find more images from it here and here. Our last shoot was a "Glitter and Glam" shoot where the girls dressed up and we found creative ways to use glitter. The results, which were all done in camera by the way, (NOT Photoshop)  were amazing but coming off that glitter high I felt we need something a little more grungy. That was why I had decided that Skater Girl would be a great fit to balance us out. 

The girls ROCKED this session and they were all really good on a skateboard, which was a bonus. As a photographer I couldn't have been happier with the way the girls embraced the theme. They were enthusiastic and ready to roll even though we started at 8:30 A.M. (thank you Starbucks, for our morning dose of caffeine) to avoid the chaos that happens in the skate park later in the day. 

Each shoot I am more and more excited and the girls continue their bond of sisterhood. Our next shoot is Urban themed, look for the post in a couple weeks.