Every young woman wants to feel amazing and in this day and age, it's getting harder and harder. That's why I love my Girls Of Summer program so much! For our second shoot of the series, we went to Turner Creek Park. It's a simple park with not a lot of traffic and a bit off the typical main streets in our suburban town, but it was perfect for our Glitter and Glam shoot. The girls arrived early for their hair and makeup and then we spent our time finding creative ways to shoot with glitter. I know that may not sound like something teenage girls would want to do, but I assure you this was no ordinary throw glitter in the air kind of shoot (though we did do that too, and it was awesome). No, this shoot was about making glitter look like something you have never seen before. Now, I know I maybe a bit biased, but I think the photos turned out great and are truly something unique. What do you think?

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