This beautiful senior from Forest Grove High School wanted to take a walk through the woods for her personalized portrait session, and it was not a disappointment. We had a wonderful time creating the photos that best capture her personality. Though she is more of a free spirit and loves her denim, her mom and I convinced her to get dressed up in her red dress and I am so glad that we did. Her images were stunning opposite the lush forest colors. 

Nobel woods park senior pictures
Glam Senior pics, Orenco Station

Her everyday style is a bit more relaxed with some basic denim and a splash of lace and her peaceful loving attitude is fantastic, we couldn't resist a zen pose. 

Denim and Lace senior portraits

So, seniors, are you curious on how to meet your senior year with a Zen attitude? Take it from those that have graced the halls before you because you are not alone.  It is common to feel the stress pressure from this your final year. I caught up with a few seniors from years past to ask for their words of wisdom. I hope it helps you make it through.  

"Your senior year is supposed to be fun, so slow down and remember it." - Kellie class of 2012

"Stay organized, write everything out." - Kirsten class of 2012

"Don't be afraid to take some time for yourself." - Anne Class of 2013

"Don’t give up, you’ve worked so hard." - Ashton class of 2015.

Now that you have a little bit of advice, on how to make it through your senior year with a little zen, get out there and make the best of it. 

Nobel Woods Park Senior photos.