One of the first things you should know about me is I am Hard of hearing (HOH). WAIT! DON'T GO! We will be able to communicate just fine - I promise. We may need to face each other, but other than that we will have no trouble. :)
I live in Estacada, a small Oregon town, with my totally nerdy hubs (Kris) and our two micro dogs (Millie and Cha-Cha). 
My hubby and I met back in 2015 when we were both single parents. Inevitably, we fell in love and blended our families. Between the two of us we have 4 sons, 2. that are now 24 and two that are now 21. It was a bit crazy for a while there.
Just saying.

I'll start...

wow, you made it all the way to this corner of my webpage? Thank you! First I want to say Hi (again) and you are amazing! Second I want us to be friends so let's learn a little more about each other.

A little more about me

44°3'27.34"N 123°33" 59.796" w

If you are thinking, uh...lady? You said 4 sons- but there is only three here... you're right! one isn't in the pic because he is in the air force.  

fave things

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morning routine

my fav gear